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Q: Why did you change the product?

A: We didn’t change the product at all, only the label. This was a result of ill defined state fertilizer laws which make it impossible for us to sell the product with the older, more descriptive label. These laws do not consider aquaculture fertilization parameters and therefore left us with the choice of either bottling 10/10/10 or changing our labels such that no fertilization claims were made. These laws have been recently changed at the federal level, so hopefully in the not too distant future, the consumer will not have to guess at what certain products do because of overly restrictive government regulation.

Q: I recently purchased my second bottle of Seachem Flourish (regular) and I noticed that the liquid in the bottle was a yellowish almost apple juice colour whereas the original bottle I purchased contained a much darker liquid. Which one of these two colours should Flourish be? and is there anything good/bad for the aquarium as a result of the colour of the Flourish?

A: It is normal for the color of Flourish to vary from batch to batch as this is dependent on the temperature that this product was blended at. This is of no consequence to the function of the product.

Q: Is the "guarenteed analysis" on Flourish per dose?

A: Per dose, per bottle, per whatever unit of weight you choose; it is expressed as percentage by weight not in absolute weights.

Q: Can I use Flourish on my garden vegetables?

A: Our products are strictly intended for aquarium use and have not been tested on anything intended for human consumption

Q: I have a question about why you have phosphates in your Flourish? This is the #1 culprit in algae in aquaria.

A: I believe if you check the amount of phosphorous content (< 0.01%) you'll see that at our recommended dosing this would only add 0.0005 mg/L (ppm) of phosphate to the water. This is completely negligible and poses absolutely no risk of algae growth. So unless you are planning on a 1,000 fold overdose you don't have to worry about ever getting any measurable phosphate from using Flourish. We don't sell Flourish as a macro element supplement which is why the phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium levels are as low as they are.