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01-29-2009, 14:15

I've been trying hard to lower my tank's nitrite level and the product, 'Cycle' has had no affect. I bought Prime last night and put in 40 drops for my 29 gallon US tank.

I plan on doing another water test at the 24 hour mark, but wondered if I don't see a change if I should add more or wait longer?

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Tech Support JS
01-29-2009, 15:04

Depending on your tank parameters and additives, the time
it will take will vary; however the only way to remove
nitrite in a tank is through biological activity. When you
add Prime to a tank, it binds to the nitrites and
detoxifies them. This allows for your fish to be safe
while your biological system consumes the nitrite. There are no test kits available that can distinguish bound nitrites from free nitrites, so you will still get a reading when you test. Prime
is an aid in the remedy of your tank's nitrites, however
an adequate biofilter is the only way you will have long
term control. I would suggest using Matrix and Stability
in conjunction with Prime as an excellent solution to both
short term and long term control. Matrix is a biomedia
that offers unparalleled surface area for bacterial
colonizations (both aerobic and anaerobic); Stability is a
unique bacterial supplement both in bacteria composition
and storing method and will allow for unparalleled
bacteria colonization. I have included links below for the two products mentioned. Thank you for contacting us and
have a good day!


01-29-2009, 19:33
Thank you for the prompt, and thorough reply. I realize that the Prime is just a fix for an already dangerous situation and that I need a good bio-cycle for ongoing maintenance, but I was not aware of your bio colonizing products. Thank you for that. I will pick them up after work.

I am also very glad to know that my Quick Dip test strips may still show high nitrite levels even though they may not be toxic. I have African cichlids, and I was in the process of stocking the aquarium when I stopped because of nitrite levels. Now, I need to stock (or overstock) the tank to reduce aggression.

I found out that the product, Cycle has only 3% bacteria in it and is mostly a sodium chloride "saline" solution. It is no wonder it was not having any affect.

Thanks again!

Tech Support EH
01-30-2009, 11:13
You're very welcome, and that is why we are here. The Stability should make quite a difference for you!