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08-19-2009, 11:02
Is purigen a product that I can expect to help control algae in a 180 gallon planted tank? I assume it is based on what it is suppose to do. If so, how much Purigen would you use for a 180 gallon tank? The only note in other forums threads on Purigen that seemed disconcerting was the note that Purigen does not remove nitrate. What does it do with phosphate? And does it remove organic phosphate?


Tech Support LK
08-19-2009, 14:25
Thanks for your questions and interest in Purigen. Purigen is a scavenging resin that will seek out organic nitrogenous compounds. Specifically, it removes these from the water before they are converted to things like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. This is the means by which it controls these levels. If you are wanting to remove phosphates, PhosGuard would be the choice for you, not Purigen. Purigen will not directly lower nitrates that are preexisting, but will prevent the buildup of them in the future.

08-19-2009, 16:51
OK so what amount of Purigen would you use in a 180 gallon tank?


Tech Support AN
08-19-2009, 17:11
250ml of Purigen will treat 250 gallons of water, so you want at least 180ml of Purigen to treat your 180 gallons.