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Sick Dempsey What Medicine?

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  • Sick Dempsey What Medicine?

    I have a large Jack Dempsey that has something wrong with its scales on each side of its body.
    I have included a couple of pictures trying to show what the problem area on the fish looks like. It looks like the scales are rotting on each side of the front of the fish.

    I tried a week of Paraguard and that did not seem to help. I did a couple of large water changes over two days and then tried an API Pimafix/Melafix combination and that does not seem to be helping either.

    The fish has now seemed to lose its appetite and I am afraid it will slowly starve. The problem spots much itch because I see the fish occasionally really rubbing up agaist driftwood in the tank.

    Can you suggest a another possible Seachem product I could try?

    I do have some Seachem Metroplex, Kanaplex, and PolyGuard on hand or would another product be better?
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    Re: Sick Dempsey What Medicine?

    From the pictures, it appears to be a bacterial infection of some kind. However, it is difficult to see if it is under the scales or on top of them. Kanaplex should work either way. It is readily absorbed through the gills and will be able to treat both internal and external infections. Please let us know how things go and if you have any additional questions.


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      Re: Sick Dempsey What Medicine?

      The Dempsey has recovered fine. I am not clear exactly what medicine cured him as I started with your recomendation but ran out of Kanaplex and then switched over to PolyGuard which I also had on hand.

      Either way the open spots on his side are now gone and his appetite has returned. Thanks again.


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        Re: Sick Dempsey What Medicine?

        Excellent, we are glad that he has recovered well! Please let us know if you have any additional questions in the future.