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    Hi, I am have a bout with white cloudy water. This has been going on for little over two weeks now.
    Tank is 65H gal. (cycled 24th Sept'07)
    Fish: 5 yellow labs (3-4 inches) and various peacocks (3-5 inches).
    Feeding: 3x's a day to total 5ml. Dainachi baby pellets.
    Lighting: a single 60 watt 50/50 power compact on 10hour timer
    Heaters: dual 150 watt
    Substrate: pool filter sand: 80 lbs
    Rocks: Texas Holey rock: 40 lbs.
    Filtration: Jebao canister packed with 4L SeaChem Bio Matrix & 2L Eheim EfiMech. Eheim canister 2215 packed with 1L EfiMech, 1L prefilters, 1.5L Bio Matrix, 1L fine filter.
    Water quality: 0 AM, 0 Ni, 10-40 Na, pH 8.2, KH 16, GH 17.
    Maint: every 6th or 7th day
    Conditioners: Prime. I alternate everyother WC with Cichlid Lake Salt and Malawi/Victoria Buffer.
    I read in thie forum about a cichlid tank's KH should be about 10dKH as the person was also experiencing cloudy water.
    On the 5th Feb. I did use Clarity as directed and the results were good I say cleared up 60% of the haze. Looking directly at the tank it looks great, from the sides not so good.
    I am not sure where my imbalance is. I do have Purigen as a stand-by let me know if this would fix or just band-aid the situation.
    Love the SeaChem products. Been using since the early 90's!!
    Best regards,
    Picture of tank:
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    Re: Salt and Buffer

    Thank you for the kind words about our products :-) As for your cloudy water problem, it sounds like it may be caused by very fine particulate clouding. You may want to try using some filter floss with Clarity again to see if it can catch the fine particulates. Also, according to your numbers, you are keeping a very high KH and GH, which may also be contributing to this problem. You may want to try keeping your KH around 10dKH and see if that helps.