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  • Frustrated As Heck - Urgent!


    JS informed me as to how to treat my RO/DI water for a freshwater setup a few months back.

    I have 2 issues.

    1) I can only get some of your Products!! I wished to buy Acid Buffer, Equilibrium, Alkaline buffer and Neutral Regulator from my local Fish Store. I also requested these in 1-2 KG sizes. They attempted to Order from the Canadian Distributor. What I got where 4 small bottles of Equilibrium, one large bottle of Neutral Regualtor and I got a bottle of Acid Regulator from a friend who got it in the states. I was told the rest was not available. The local fish store guy told me it was likely the canadian distributor didnt want to order a manditory quantity. The supplier they spoke of was Mundel or Monroe, or something with an M. My Local Fish Store is Ricks Hobby and aquaria location in Pemboke Ontario Canada. I need emergency help with this please!

    2) I now MUST use RO/DI water and I setup my system and treatment around JS's advice. I have Fish that need water now! So based on that, I am atempting to treat 100 Gal of water. So I started by adding equilibrium until I got a GH of 8 Degrees. Then I added a KH boost by another manufacturer, which I dispise doing as I m sure all of Seachems product are engineered to work together. I brough up the KH to 8 Degrees also.

    So - At this point my water was as follows.

    GH - 8 Degrees
    KH - 8 Degrees
    PH - Was over 8.2 (target 7.4 - 7.6)

    I began to add slowly small quantities Acid Regualtor. About a 1/4 teaspoon at a time. Each time I added it, the PH would drop to 7.8 - 7.4, then an hour later, rebound to over 8.

    Whats going wrong here?

    I Need to get some of your products very very soon. I REALLY need your help.



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    Re: Frustrated As Heck - Urgent!

    I dont see a phone number on your website to contact customer support. I could really use help very very soon. (today)

    Could someone please forward me a phone number?


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      Re: Frustrated As Heck - Urgent!


      Please refer to the information provided in the private emails sent to you. For future reference, our contact number is 1-888-SEACHEM. Thanks!


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        Re: Frustrated As Heck - Urgent!

        Since it's this urgent, you can find the necessary chemicals (to balance your aquarium water) at your grocery store or local chemical or pool store. All you need, incase of emergency, is baking soda, calcium chloride, and sulfuric acid.

        0.3 ml of sulfuric acid should lower the PH down to 7.5 at a KH of 8 for every 5 gallons of water.

        0.89 grams of baking soda should increase your KH by 2 as well as your PH by +0.019 (higher, if your ph is above 7.0) for every 5 gallons of water.

        0.7 grams of calcium chloride should increase you GH by 2 for every 5 gallons of water.

        I've tried my best in giving the best approximations for each product dose,etc. by comparing the latest chemical calculators on the web (averaging the results).

        If your target PH is 7.4 to 7.6, you should target a KH of 4 to 6, and a GH of 6 and above (depending on what kind of fish your keeping). Note: a KH above 2.5 with the GH being higher than the KH will help keep your PH more stable.
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          Re: Frustrated As Heck - Urgent!

          Thanks for the post!