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New setup! Help with Stability!

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  • New setup! Help with Stability!

    I set my new aquarium three days ago. It is 40-50 litres, it contains java moss and anubias nana. There is a 100W thermostat and the filter has a black sponge (i added a little wool and activated carbon). The water was conditioned with seachem Prime and i also followed the dosage of seachem Stability. Today i removed the activated carbon and i noticed the wool was brownish, but i didn't removed it. I haven't tested the water. I plan to add tommorow ceratophyllum and 3 Guppys! Stability will continue as the product's instructions state! Will it be ok?

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    Re: New setup! Help with Stability!

    Thanks for the post and congrats on your new tank set-up!

    Yes, I would continue adding the Stability daily until you have fully cycled your tank. You can add the Prime every other day, as long as you are getting ammonia and nitrite readings. During this time, it is very important to test your water so that you will know when you have completed the cycle. Typically you will see a rise and fall in ammonia, then a rise and fall in nitrite, and finally a rise in nitrates. Once you get a rise in nitrates and the other levels are zero, you can safely assume you have cycled the aquarium.

    I hope this helps!