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  • Nitrite test results

    So im married with two children, i say that half in humor but a bit of seriousness as well i cant just go buy stuff if i want my meals on time and not burnt lol. So far ive managed to get a ph test kit amonia test kit and today nitrite test. I tested the nitrites twice and the test came back both times with no color change i phoned the store and when i told them i was using matrix they immediately said "oh yes then the matrix is working so well you are not showing any nitrites. I have 29 twtras in a 55 gal with a fluval 306 havent done a water change in ten days does this sound plausable result?? No nitrates to register on a test

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    It is possible if you are using Matrix and if you ave a healthy amount of beneficial bacteria in the system. Also if there are live plants in the tank, they can also use nitrates as a nutrient source so it can certainly be possible to have 0 ppm of nitrate in a tank.


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      Sorry my bad, i meant to be asking about nitrites so would it still be possible?? Thanks


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        No worries! Yes, that is absolutely possible. Do you have nitrates?


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          The problem i have is im married with 2 little ones i like my meals on time and not burnt lol. I can only buy stuff when shes in a great mood and not stressed out so i only currently have ph amonia and nitrite tests. Shes pretty good actually in all fairness i recently spent 1000.00 on my tank thats the big reason she gets upset about spending more on the tankbut if my nitrites are low or non doesnt that mean there wouldnt be any nitrates???


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            Nope! If your tank is completely cycled, you will certainly have a buildup of nitrate without any nitrite buildup. Most tanks simply have slowly rising levels of nitrate that are diluted with water changes, but it is possible to "complete the cycle" by using specialized filter media like Matrix or live plants to consume the nitrate.

            It might help to think of the nitrogen cycle as a factory. Imagine that you have a factory that makes shirts. The trucks deliver plain fabric, the fabric is cut into pieces, the pieces are sewn into shirts, and the shirts are sold to customers. In this analogy, the fish are trucks, the ammonia is plain fabric, the nitrite is the cut pieces, the nitrate is the completed shirt, and the customers are the specialized filter media or plants. If your factory is working just as it should, you shouldn't have piles of plain fabric or cut pieces lying around, but you will have increasing amounts of completed shirts (unless you have lots of customers) because the plain fabric is being seamlessly converted into shirts without any buildup in the center. Likewise, if your nitrogen cycle is working the way it should, you should have increasing amounts of nitrate (unless you have lots of specialized filter media or plants) without any buildup at the nitrite stage.

            Hope this helps!


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              Holy crow!!!!! Thats awesome RT!! That makes a hell of alot sense of things. You shouldve been my school teacher i wouldve gotten better grades ha ha ha! Thanks more example of why seachem rocks!!