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How to use PhosBond correctly

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  • How to use PhosBond correctly

    Hi all,
    I have a 450 liters freshwater tank with 18 subadult discus. Testing silicate I've found 2mg/l result. Actually phosphates are 0,5 mg/l.
    I'm feeding 6 times a day in a very small quantity food to eat in less a minute.
    Yesterday, to reduce silicate, I've introduced 62/63 ml of phosbond splitted in two external filters.
    My questions are: 1) is correct to split, as I did, the phosbond in two different filters (30 ml in one and 33 ml in other)? 2) which kh level I have to have in tank? Actually kh level is 5 and ph about 7,5.
    I post a pic.

    Thanks a lot, Gioacchino.
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    Hello, one of my more beautiful discus is hiding under a root, is dark and shows stress bars since two days but he runs to eat each time I give them to eat... I've used PhosBond as i said in the previo us post. Have i to remove the product?
    I post some pics.

    Thank you.


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      Thanks for the post! You do not necessarily have to split the PhosBond between the two filters, but since you have already done this, you can just leave it in each filter. Have you checked the silicate and phosphate levels again? If so, what are they? Also, what were the discus parameters at the facility where you purchased them? 7.5 seems a bit high for discus, as they typically prefer much softer and more acidic waters, but if they were bred in these conditions, it could be fine for them.