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Auto dosing NPK/Excel. Is air bad??

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  • Auto dosing NPK/Excel. Is air bad??

    I'm currently auto dosing NP once a week in the amounts recommended for a 120 gallon tank. I dose K twice a week, and Excell is dosing daily.

    No real issues, plants doing well, been auto dosing for about a month, but have been dosing the tank for roughly a year.
    I don't run CO2.
    My question is, what is the effect of the atmosphere on the N P K Excell and Flourish(I hope to get this running on auto soon)?
    I have basically drilled a hole in the cap for the tube to pas through, its a snug fit, however, it does let air pass into the bottle. Obviously as the pump removes liquid, but its still open to the air when the pump isn't pumping. Kind of like not putting the cap on tight enough.
    I suppose evaporation can be expected, but is there any deterioration to the product being exposed to atmosphere? I'll be switching to black tubing soon, I recall reading somewhere that light may have an effect, but the lines do drain back to the bottle withing an hour or so.

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    Anybody? Not even seachem support?
    Have I posted this in the wrong section??


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      Hello runamuckr, thanks for the post! If the tube is a snug fit into the hole, and the liquids are used fairly quickly, less than a year. There should be no deterioration happening to the products.


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        Awesome! Thanks for the clarification.


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          Sure thing!