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Dissolved Organic Phosphate (DOP) Removal

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  • Dissolved Organic Phosphate (DOP) Removal

    Will Purigen only filter nitrogen related organics? I am interested in filtering DOP. It is a planted tank, so I don't want to remove orthophosphate, which your PhosGuard-type products would do. If Purigen will not remove DOP, do you have a product that will remove it, while leaving PO4-3 alone?
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    Hello Deanna,

    Purigen will remove a broad range of organics outside of nitrogenous waste, so it might be removed by Purigen, but unfortunately we have no data as to the specific effects Purigen would have on this particular kind of waste. Purigen will not remove PO4 directly, and any of our phosphate absorbers will not be able to differentiate between PO4 and other forms of phosphorous.