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Purigen during Cycling process

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  • Purigen during Cycling process


    My tap water is naturally cloudy and has some phosphates, cloramides, and ammonia. I started my new tank about 6 weeks ago it was cloudy from day 1 and is STILL cloudy today, almost milky!

    I'm not sure if the cloudiness is a result of my tap water or just my tank still going through the cycling process. So, I picked up a bottle of Purigen at my LFS and added it to my HOB filiter. I using a Aquaclear 50 - Foam, Carbon, Purigen.

    I've also been using Stability to help with the cycling since my test numbers have NOT changed. I'm also using Prime in conjuntion with 20% water changes for the past two weeks.

    My water numbers really haven't changed much at all. The ammonia level rises and falls but that's about it. Right now,

    Ammonia - .25
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - 0
    pH - very low 5.8 to 6.0 (been adding pH correct tabs) The bacteria will not grow if the pH is too low. Is this correct??

    I currently have 10 small tettras in a 36 gallon bow front tank.

    I don't know what is wrong with my tank or what else to do!!! I'm so frustrated and ready to give up!

    My primary concern now is, will the Purigen prevent my tank from fully cycling??

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Rod Colson
    West Chester, PA

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    Re: Purigen during Cycling process

    I'm sorry to hear about your tank! It sounds as if you have a bacterial bloom. What type of biological media are you using? I would recommend using our Matrix, along with the Stability, as they work hand in hand with one another. The Matrix provides an enormous amount of internal and external surface area in order for the bacteria in Stability to colonize and proliferate. If you would like to read more about Matrix, please follow the link below:

    When you put the Matrix into your filter, I would then recommend using the Stability daily for 7 days per the instructions on the label. This will ensure proper establishment of bacterial colonies. You can even pour the Stability directly onto the Matrix for quicker colonization. Be sure that you place the Matrix in an area where it will receive maximum water flow. I would hold off on the Purigen until your tank has fully cycled. However, once it has finished cycling, then the Purigen will be a great chemical filtration media to put into your filter. It is an organic scavenging resin that only goes after nitrogenous organic waste, removing the pre-cursors to ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. It will also polish your water to unparalleled clarity. I hope this helps and please don't give up!


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      Re: Purigen during Cycling process

      Hi Tech Support,

      Thank you for the very helpful response.

      My water values still have not changed and my tank remains cloudy.

      I'm using Two AquaClear 50 power filters with the supplied media. I have since removed the Purigen as you suggested. Currently in my flilters I only have foam, carbon, and the biomax resin. Not sure if the AquaClear biomax resin is actually doing anything to promote the bacteria. My LFS does not have Matrix and will have to order it.

      However, if I start using the matrix now, will that only yet again delay the process and prolong the bacterial bloom? Just a thought....

      Thanks again, I love your products and Service!!


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        Re: Purigen during Cycling process

        My recommendation would be to get the Matrix and the day you put it in your filter, do a fairly large water change. After the water change, add the Stability according to the volume of your tank. I would then add the Stability daily for the seven days per the instructions on the label. The bacteria should be able to quickly find a suitable home on the Matrix and begin to proliferate rapidly. If the cloudiness remains, you could also try using a water clarifier such as our Clarity. It clears any type of clouding in any environment. If you decide to use Clarity, please be sure that you use a fine mechanical filtration such as filter floss or pillow stuffing. Place this in your filter and depending on how cloudy your water is, you will have to change the floss out every couple of hours, as it will get saturated. If you would like to read more about Clarity follow the below link:

        I hope this helps! :-)


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          Re: Purigen during Cycling process

          Sounds like a good plan!

          I'm going try and find some Matrix and see what happens along with the Stability.

          Thanks again, you guys are great!!



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            Re: Purigen during Cycling process

            You are welcome!


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              Re: Purigen during Cycling process

              I have Nitrates!!!

              Been following your plan and just checked all my water values today.

              Finally had a major change....

              Ammonia - Total 1.0 ppm
              Ammonia - Free 0.000623 ppm (per ammonia calculator)

              Nitrites - 0.25 ppm
              Nitrates - 5.0 ppm

              pH - 6.0 (still very low) why?

              Temperature - 22.5 C holding steady

              So, I'm now showing NitrAtes where they have never existed before... This would indicate that my tank is Fianlly cycling right? I'm still adding the Stability paying $10 bucks per bottle per week!!

              Do you guys think that my tank is finally cycling? Any ideas why my pH is so low and should I be trying to correct it right now or wait until the cycle completes? Thanks!

              Thanks so much for your help!



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                Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                YAY! :-)

                It definitely sounds like your tank is in the final stages of cycling. Your pH could be low for a number of reasons: 1. the pH of your tap water is low 2. organic acids in the tank keeping it lowered 3. the pH tabs are not working as they should.

                You can certainly begin trying to correct the pH problem now if you would like. Are you planning on keeping plants in your tank or just a freshwater only tank? With that information we will be able to advise you on the appropriate buffers to use for your particular setup.

                Thanks and it is good to hear that your tank is coming along as it should!


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                  Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                  Thanks! I'm so excited to see Nitrates!

                  No plants as I do not have proper lighting for them. Just freshwater tank with community fish.

                  What would be the best Seachem pH buffer for my situation with the least amount of shock to the fish? I've been using Tetra "pH Correct" tabs with no luck. All they do is make the water even more cloudy... :o

                  I do know my Tap water registers 1.0 in total ammonia before I add anything to it, stright out of the tap. So, I also assume that my tap water is natually low in pH as well. I'm do for a large water change this weekend. Hoping I'm fully cycled by then... Should I invest in some RO water to help with the pH or would dosing with buffers and prime suffice? Thanks so much!

                  You guys are the Best!


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                    Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                    I apologize if I missed this in prior posts, but what pH are you aiming for?


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                      Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                      If you are aiming for a neutral pH, then I would go with the Neutral Regulator. Neutral Regulator is a phosphate-based buffer that will bring pH to 7.0 from above or below (I know you're trying to bring it up), and it will also hold that pH very stable. People who are keeping live plants generally want to steer clear of phosphate-based buffers, since excess phosphates can encourage algae growth, this the previous question about what type of tank you have.

                      Another benefit of Neutral Regulator is that it will fully condition your water as well as serving as a buffer, and you will therefore not need to use the Prime in conjunction with it. Because you're not keeping live plants, I also don't really see a need to use RO water for pH control, as simply using Neutral Regulator should suffice for your water conditioning and buffering needs. Hope this helps!


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                        Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                        I'm just trying to get it up to neutral or around 7.2

                        Right now it is still very low between 5.8 - 6.0

                        Is is bad for my fish if it stays that low?



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                          Re: Purigen during Cycling process

                          You are welcome!

                          As long as the pH is remaining stable, I think your fish should be fine. When you start to adjust your pH, I would recommend doing it slowly. We do not recommend moving the pH more than 1/2 a unit in one day.