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  • Regarding purigen

    Will be using canister eheim 2260, 100ml purigen, prime and stability for cycling 53g tank. I understand best way to place purigen is between mech and biological media.

    1a. Mechanical pad at bottom of canister followed by purigen and biological media.
    Will the purigen be crushed by 15 litre of biological media.

    1b. By placing purigen after biological media on top layer (for easy removal) will that deplete the purpose of purigen?

    2. Will purigen affect or complicate the cycle period when I'm following instruction from seachem stability? If so, what will I expect and are there any additional steps I should carry out?

    3. How long can I store purigen in the canister regardless of turning brown?

    Your response will be appreicated thanks.

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    Re: Regarding purigen

    Thank you for the post!

    I will answer your questions in the order they were asked for sake of clarity:

    1. The biological media will not crush the Purigen.

    1b. Not at all, as a matter of fact, most of the canister filters here in the office have the Matrix or biological media placed on the bottom. It will be perfectly fine to place the Purigen on top of the biological media in the canister filter.

    2. If you are cycling a new tank, I would recommend not placing the Purigen in the filter until you have fully cycled the tank. This will give your biological filter enough time to fully establish.

    3. Typically, the Purigen should last anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the organic load. The Purigen turning brown almost black is indicative of the media being exhausted and ready for regeneration.

    I hope this helps!


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      Re: Regarding purigen

      Thanks for the fast response, few more questions to add.
      There's a myth about carbon will release toxic if it has been expired, does purigen toxicated water perimeter if it has turned dark brown and stay longer than 6 mths in the filter?

      If its perfect fine to place purigen any layer in the canister, can I just have the layer in the tank instead?



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        Re: Regarding purigen

        Even when exhausted, Purigen will not release any of the compounds it has collected back into the aquarium. These compounds can only be removed by regenerating the Purigen per the instructions.

        It would be best to use the Purigen in the canister filter where it will get even flow. Where in the layers is not as important but it is best to have your mechanical filtration come before any other media, such as Purigen.


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          Re: Regarding purigen

          Thank you that's what I like bout seachem's forum and products, efficient and proven.


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            Re: Regarding purigen

            You are more than welcome, rubbersandal!


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              Re: Regarding purigen

              I want to put in a BIG plug for Matrix. You don't mention that you are using it in your filter, but I just went through this with a much smaller tank and a Fluval 206 canister.

              I had to restart my tank and already had it fully loaded with fish. So basically I did what everyone says you shouldn't do, but I didn't have a choice at the time. I cleaned the tank out and added my Black Flourite for my plants and started over.

              But I want to say that thanks to Seachem products my fish never knew they weren't in a cycled tank.

              There are 3 trays in the 206 canister. The bottom tray had the Fluval Bio-Foam that came with the filter. In the middle tray I filled it with Matrix. And the top tray I started with 1 100ml Purigen bag, but then I got nervous that the bag didn't cover the whole tray and that water was going around the Purigen so I added a 2nd 100ml bag of Purigen.

              I have the Seachem Ammonia alert in the tank which has never detected any Ammonia, but I was testing the water just about every day for a month to make sure everything was okay since a small tank can go south really fast. I unfortunately learned that the hard way before I got the canister filter.

              I understand from reading what Seachem support is saying that you really don't want to run the Purigen while you are cycling the tank and that makes sense. It did take about 4 weeks for my tank to cycle with the Purigen in my filter.

              However, I felt I had no choice because I was using the Purigen to protect my fish since I had a full tank already. And it worked!

              I am really happy to report that this setup did in fact protect my fish. I never got a single reading above 0 for Ammonia, Nitrite, or Nitrate. I only figured out the tank cycled after about 4 weeks when my Nitrates went from 0 to 5 ppm. And I still have no Ammonia, Nitrite and my Nitrates are holding at 5 ppm. A test strip won't even show any Nitrate. I had to use a good test kit to find the 5ppm nitrate.

              I imagine many, if not most, of my fish would have died without Matrix, Purigen & Stability. I forgot to mention that I was dosing the tank every single day with Stability and when I initially setup the filter I poured Stability over the Matrix and the Bio-Foam then added it to the tank every day for a couple weeks. I finally quit adding it every day since my readings were all 0. So now I only add Stability with a water change. I also have plants in my tank with Black Flourite.

              So THANK YOU Seachem! I didn't loose a single fish!!

              My water has been crystal clear and has had perfect readings from day one.

              I also want to mention that I did try another bacteria supplement prior to my final setup in a previous setup and I got a big bacteria bloom that didn't seem to want to go way. I read later that this could happen because you may get bacteria in the bottle that you don't want. So in this last setup I only used Stability and guess what, no bacteria bloom. With the other bacteria supplement that came in a smaller bottle and cost more than Stability I got two bacteria blooms that wouldn't go away.

              Maybe I got lucky, but if so I think the luck came from the Seachem products.


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                Re: Regarding purigen

                Hi cspell,

                We are so glad to hear about your great experience with our products, and we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us, as well as with other users! As you mentioned, using Stability regularly with your water changes, in addition to at start-up, will help to give your biofilter a boost when changing out water and/or cleaning your tank.

                Again, thank you so much for your comments, and please know that we are here to answer any potential questions that you may have in the future. Have a wonderful day!