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Hello Seachem, folks, please advise me with Camallanus Worm parasite

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  • Hello Seachem, folks, please advise me with Camallanus Worm parasite

    Hi board, first post, I've been getting great advice with a Seachem rep on Seachem products and advice on the dreaded Camallanus worm. Was wondering if I can write here about it and maybe get some extra advice.

    This was my recent nice conversation with a Seachem rep:


    My cichlids may have possible come into contact with the internal worm parasite called Camallanus worm. I brought the infected fish back to the pet shop and they said they will treat it with Seachem metroplex and Seachem focus both attached to food. They also gave me some. I've read in many places that this medication barely does anything to this parasite so I ordered Fish Bendazole (Fenbendazole) which kills the parasite, eggs and larvae.
    My question is: is it safe to use the Seachem Focus binder with food and the fenbendazole to bind them together?
    I was thinking also of using the Seachem Metroplex after a month as a precaution afterwards. What do you think thanks?

    Great Seachem rep:

    Camallanus worms are tough to eradicate and unfortunately none of our medications are known to be particularly effective against Camallanus worms, though there are some reports of success when using the MetroPlex in a food blend. Fenbendazole or Praziquantel (or Levamisole if you can find it) have been used to fight Camallanus and other worms. As a general rule I would caution against mixing most medications, but if it has been 48-72 hours since your last dose of MetroPlex you should be able to move forward with a new treatment.
    We have not tried to bind this particular antibiotic using Focus as we do not manufacture a medication containing Fenbendazole, however as Focus function as a binding agent you could try it for this antibiotic as you would MetroPlex. That said, most people treat the tank as whole using this medication.
    I hope this helps. Have a nice day!


    Thanks again I will look into Clarity and fine floss! (New tank Cloudy water & algae (Diatom) discussion)
    As for the Camallanus worm, I managed to locate a seller for Levamisole that you mentioned. Can you please tell me how to use both? I mean should I use Fenbendazole first for 3 days than wait 3 days and use Levamisole maybe? Than repeat the process in 3 weeks? Please advise on just this the amount and directions I kind of know thank you.

    I also have a Green Texas Cichlid who was bought from the same section the original Jewel fish was bought from and returned to the pet shop and he/she is not eating much, and is very shy from food as opposed to the beginning.

    Which order to use Fenbendazole and Levamicol HCL?
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    Hi there! We don't manufacture either of these medications, so we can't give any specific dosage instructions - can anyone who has personally used these medications weigh in with some suggested doses?