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Ok to use metroplex with fish bendazole and Paraguard for hole in the head?

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  • Ok to use metroplex with fish bendazole and Paraguard for hole in the head?

    Hello, I bought a Red Texas Cichlid 3" juvenile and the little son of a gun has hole in the head disease. I started by dropping a dosage of metroplex in his tank. He's alone btw. I have some left over frozen brine shrimp mixed with focus and fish bendazole from another treatment which it was used for 2-3 months ago. Because I don't know 1000% that it's just hole in the head disease can I give him the brine shrimp with bendazole to eat for a total of 2-3 times in a week rotating with metroplex on the other days? Can I add Paraguard as well? Or how to give all 3 meds? I'm only using a good new sponge filter in this 60 gallon aquarium.

    Can I add a healthy texas female while doing all this? Also to remove a medication can I put some carbon in a media bag and place it right over an air stone or is it better to get a carbon sponge made for my sponge filter? Thanks!

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    Hello there!

    We don't know of any specific interaction between these two products, but across the board we don't recommend dosing 2 medications at the same time unless you're dealing with multiple infections that can't be treated with 1 medication alone. To avoid stress, I'd recommend to chose the medication that is most likely to treat the suspected infection and just use that one for the next week. I'd recommend MetroPlex since I know for certain that it will treat hole-in-the-head, but depending on the symptoms you see, you can use whichever medication best suits.

    I don't recommend adding new fish while a fish that you suspect is infected with a parasite is still in the tank. The new fish is typically going to be stressed, and is therefore much more susceptible to infection than it would otherwise be. As long as there is water flowing over carbon, it will work to pull out medication. You do not need to make a special carbon sponge to pull medication out of the water.


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      Thanks. I've had him on Metroplex for a week and a half now, he's flying ha. I dosed the tank every 2 days twice and have been giving him frozen bloodworms mixed with focus and metroplex since than. I was going to get another Red Texas...hmmm is it ok to keep treating with Metroplex the same aquarium when I add the new one? How does one know or notice when hole in the head is gone? Thanks, great support and products.


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        Thanks for the post and sorry for the delay! Anytime we get new fish, we always feed a MetroPlex/Focus/GarlicGuard Food mixture for at least a week as a prophylactic measure. If you add a new fish in the middle of a treatment, technically, you are supposed to start over because you don't know what the new fish brought to the table or if the fish being treated has now passed it to the new fish.