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Purigen and tanks cycling

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  • Purigen and tanks cycling

    I just purchased some purigen and was wondering does it affect tank cycle and beneficial bacteria?

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    HI there ... not a technical authority here, and I will leave the official response to someone from Seachem, but thought I'd chime in in case you were looking for a quick answer.

    According to the literature ([url][/url] and [url][/url]), Purigen is a type of "polymeric adsorbent" whose primary role is to trap organic waste from the water. It does not trap the beneficial bacteria, nor does it release anything into the water which would damage the bacteria colony. In fact, it has been designed to work collaboratively with Matrix and De*Nitrate, whose job it is to BUILD beneficial bacteria colonies. Theres a good article posted on the basics of filtration that explain the difference between mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration that is a great place to start ([url][/url]).

    While using Purigen will reduce some of the "food" available for the beneficial bacteria to grow, there is certainly plenty left to go around, so experience would suggest that you needn't worry.

    I've been using Purigen for chemical filtration together with Matrix for biological filtration for many years with great success. If you are setting up a new tank and are worried about cycling, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up some Stability (also from Seachem) and add it to your tank daily for the first week. That will jump-start cycling for you by adding beneficial bacteria directly to your tank and help you build up the colony within your biological filter (whatever you happen to be using).

    Like I said ... I'm not an authority, but I've been using Seachem's products for years ... so maybe this will give you enough to get started until someone form the company provides a more complete and official response.

    Best of luck.


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      I have ceramic bioballs filter media + sponge and now purigen. I've set up the tanks about 2 weeks ago and doing fish in cycle. Surprisingly 2 weeks in a row testing every day and my readings are ammonia 0, nitrites 0 and nitrates 0. I use api master kit for testing and I have used stability and Prime for the first week. I've used distilled water mixed with uv purified freshwater. It's just weird my readings are still 0 after two weeks. Wondering what I'm doing wrong?


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        How big is the tank, and how many fish do you have in it?


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          Both tanks are 6.2 gallons. One holds 1 betta male and 5 amano shrimps. The other 1 baby betta and 9 galaxy rasboras. The one with rasboras was started a week later. I do 30% water changes every other day.


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            I suspect you are doing too many water changes so early in the tank cycle ... I would recommend instead that you stop doing water changes for 1 week, and instead start adding Stability to the tank every day during that week to accelerate the accumulation of beneficial bacteria and prevent any spikes in Ammonia/Nitrite during the process


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              I'll do that. Thank you.


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                [FONT=HelveticaNeue][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=12px]Hello Roksiak, Thanks for the post. This question has come up quite a bit recently, so we are actually going to perform some lab experiments to know for sure whether Purigen will hinder the cycling process. Purigen will not remove bacteria from the bio filter directly, but it does remove the pre-cursors to ammonia, nitrite and nitrate (organic waste). So with that being said, we typically recommend for people to remove Purigen while cycling, until the beneficial bacteria has fully established itself. [/SIZE]
                [SIZE=12px]I agree with evangemeren's suggestion to decrease the frequency of water changes. When you do a water change, make that a change of 5% -15 %. Because along with the water change, there might be some bacteria removed. Like mentioned, we would also recommend adding Stability everyday for a week, while holding off on water changes.[/SIZE]
                [SIZE=12px]​Once we have our results from the experiment, we will post them on our website :).

                Let us know how it goes. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

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                  So I stopped changing the water and removed purigen from my both tanks. It's been over a week now and still no ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. I'm puzzled 🤔 I use seachem ammonia alert and API master test kit. Both show 0


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                    [SIZE=16px][FONT=georgia]I would recommend doing another round of Stability and continue adding Prime every other day. Have you tried Matrix? It provides housing for beneficial bacteria that Stability supplies, so that the biofilter is set up and stable. Try also waving the Ammonia Alert above some ammonia based cleaner (Windex) as a reference, because you should definitely get a reading with Windex. [/FONT][/SIZE]


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                      I've got ceramic bioballs filter cartriges, 2 in each tank. My tanks are decently planted, can this be eating up all ammonia? I'm out of ideas lol