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Purigen when using Seachem Nitrogen

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  • Purigen when using Seachem Nitrogen


    I had a question about using Purigen while dosing NPK, mainly the N. Purigen is stated to remove waste that increases nitrogenous waste in the water. Would this have any impact on the dosing of Seachem Flourish Nitrogen? Would Purigen have any effect on the other macro fertilizers or micro fertilizers?

    I also had questions about dosing Flourish Iron. If this requires a different thread, I apologize. Should I be dosing Flourish Iron when the lights are on to ensure the plants are getting the most of it before it is removed from the water column? Does pH have an effect on how long Flourish Iron stays in the water column (I know it does with other forms of iron)?

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    Thanks for the post varanidguy! Purigen does remove large organic molecules from the water, but it typically ignores substances that are not large organic molecules, and it will not remove the nutrients in the Flourish line before the plants have a chance to use them :).

    Personally, I like to dose fertilizers either right when, or right before the lights come on in my tank so that my plants can utilize the nutrients during the hours they will be photosynthesizing. The pH shouldn't affect how long Flourish Iron remains in the water - Flourish Iron is in a ferrous state which is preferred by plants and rapidly utilized anyway. However, having a very high KH has the potential to precipitate out some Iron from solution, so this can affect how much of the Flourish Iron is able to be used by your plants!

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank you for the reply!

      What would you consider a very high KH? Mine is 6 degrees last I checked.

      Thank you for your help, it is sincerely appreciated!


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        Hi varanidguy! Thats a bit high, but we wouldn't expect it to be precipitating iron out of the water at that level.