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Magnesium Kit readings

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  • Magnesium Kit readings

    I tested my mag today and found it to be at 1150ppm
    but I might be off on the sample. When it says to fill the sample cup to the top does that mean the very very top or the rimmed line?? My filtrate was never clear either??
    Also I noticed that the test tube for the alk test says to fill to 5 ml line but that line is also not 5ml.. Using a lab graduate it is more like 5.7ml.

    I know that these are probably silly questions but I would like to be as exact as possible so that my readings are consistant.


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    Re: Magnesium Kit readings

    Hey Phil,

    By filling to the top we mean to the very top of the vial. All the way to very very the top.

    The Mg reading may indeed be off if the filtrate was not clear. You might try packing the filtering fiber a little tighter into the base of the funnel. If you run into the filtrate not being clear you can also just pour it back into the filtering funnel to make a second pass. This usually clears it up. You need for the filtrate to be clear to get a good reading.

    Go ahead and fill to the 5 ml line even though it is a little more. The kit is based on this cylinder at that level. So, though it is not 5 ml, you should still use that line as the mark for the amount of sample.

    BTW, they are not silly questions. They are actually quite good. I'd much rather you ask and feel comfortable using the product long term. : )


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      Re: Magnesium Kit readings

      wow!! thanks for the fast reply.. I'll run the mag test again to get it right.

      thanks again


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        Re: Magnesium Kit readings

        Let us know if you have any more troubles.