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Lighting and ferts Suggestions?

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  • Lighting and ferts Suggestions?

    Java moss
    Java Fern
    Weeping moss on Coconut cave
    Marimo moss ball
    Amazon Sword Plant
    Riccia(Going to buy)
    Pellia(Going to buy)
    Windleov Fern(Going to buy)

    Lighting : halonix 15wt CFL(white)
    Filter: HOB 360ltr/hour

    Temperature: 28-30 C(planning to buy Aquarium fan dual Fantastic Fan)

    Red Cherry Shrimp
    Malaya Shrimp
    Assasin Snail

    Fauna(added to remove seed shrimp ! doesnt work great because seed shrimp take cover in soil and driftwood )

    Tank volume :32 litres /8 gallon

    pls suggest me how much flourish excel to dose and should i add diy co2 also and how much lighting should i add ? will my shrimp health will go bad if i add more ferts and lighting . and will flourish excel will do good to all my plants suggested above !! and how much water change should i do ?

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    Re: Lighting and ferts Suggestions?

    Thank you for your questions, pranavakira. Flourish Excel is an excellent source or organic carbon; unlike CO2, it will not have any effect on pH. Excel can be utilized either alone or in conjunction with CO2, depending upon your preferences. All of your plants will be able to derive the benefits of the carbon provided through Flourish Excel.

    As long as you are using Flourish Excel as directed, it is completely safe for your shrimp; we do not recommend overdosing Excel on a regular basis, as it is a reducing agent. Here is what I would suggest for your 8-gallon tank:

    After a major water change (40%), you should add 4mL of Flourish Excel. Thereafter, you can add 1mL daily or every other day. A good general rule of thumb for routine water changes is 20-25% weekly or bi-weekly.

    Here is a pretty interesting discussion that I found concerning lighting for planted tanks. I think you may also find it helpful for your lighting concerns:

    Have a nice weekend!