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Dosing Flourish Advance w/Shrimp & Other Dosing Q

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  • Dosing Flourish Advance w/Shrimp & Other Dosing Q

    Hello. Questions: Is Advance completely safe with Neocaridina shrimps at the recommended dosage? Does it have any effect on them? When I dosed it for the first time yesterday for lack of a better term they went ape****. Next question: I am dosing almost the full line of Seachem planted tank products, I'm doing Iron, NPK, Excel, and Comprehensive. Is it ok and recommended to add Advance to this dosing regiment? Do I need to adjust any dosages because of it? Thanks!

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    Flourish Advance (as well as all Flourish products) are safe to use with shrimp when used according to directions. That said we definitely want any feedback about unusual observations. We tested the product in tanks with Cardinia and Neocardinia shrimp in our lab and didn't see any negative effects. Personally, I've been using it (and the rest of the Flourish line) in two shrimp tanks on my desk and don't notice any response when I dose. How much did you dose in what volume of water? Did all the shrimp react or only ones near where the dose went into the water?

    It is ok and recommended to use Flourish Advance with the rest of the Flourish line of products. It is an excellent compliment to dosing a full regiment of nutrients.


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      Will any of these products affect the TDS levels?


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        Any time you add products that are supplements composed of "dissolved solids" they can raise TDS, but they do not necessarily raise GH which is what we are typically concerned with. Many people use those terms synonymously, but they do mean very different things. The Flourish Advance will not raise GH, but could raise TDS somewhat.


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          Hello, it's the first time that i write in this beauty and helpfull forum: I love so much Seachem products.
          After that, i have two little shrimp tanks, one net 10lt w/ crystal red and one net 6lt w/ crystal black.
          In the first one I have a little anubias, Java moss, pistia, laevigatum and salvinia; in the other some Java moss too, hemianthus callitrichoides, pistia, laevigatum and salvinia. I've used, for each one, Seachem Fluorite as substrate.
          I'd like to ask you if Seachem Advance is ok for the plants and if is it safe for the shrimps. If so, do you think is it better to dose daily? If yes, how many drops daily have I to put in my two different tanks?
          Thanks a lot, Gioacchino.


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            Thanks for the post, ToDDoLo and for the positive feedback!

            Yes, when dosed as directed Flourish Advance is 100% safe for all aquarium inhabitants, including shrimp. I would recommend starting off by dosing 3 days a week at the following dosages:

            10 liter = 0.6 mL or 12 drops
            6 liter = 0.3 mL or 6 drops

            There is also a Flourish dose calendar on the website that may assist you in dosing your tank. Keep in mind that it is simply a guideline and will need to be adjusted to meet the needs of each tank. [url][/url]

            I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions!


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              Thanks a lot, i'll try the suggested dosage.


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                You are most welcome!