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Neutral Regulator and Discus Buffer in Planted Tank

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  • Neutral Regulator and Discus Buffer in Planted Tank

    Hello, I have an aquarium with ph 8 and I want to lower it to 7 or 6.5 so that the plants are better, I think the best option would be the Acid Buffer, but not having it available, I was thinking of Neutral Regulator or Discus Buffer but contain phosphates, the question is, If it influences the increase of the phosphate and cause an imbalance that brings algae?

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    Hello Eduardo,

    Thank you for your post! If your pH is particularly high (such as 8.0) it would be better to use Acid Buffer. If this is not available then the Discus Buffer would be the best choice for a pH of 6.5 range. This buffer does contain phosphates and if used only to buffer then typically phosphates contributed from the buffer are not an issue for algae. The main concern of using phosphate buffers comes when you are using very heavy supplementation (such as in a planted tank) in addition to having specialized high lighting (such as a planted tank).

    If you choose to use this buffer and you monitor the balance of lights and nutrients you can reduce the possibility of algae growth.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks a lot


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        You are most welcome!