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Aquavitro and high light + Co2

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  • Aquavitro and high light + Co2

    I was wondering what type of aquariums are the dosing recommendations based on? More people have low light aquariums so Im assuming thats what its based on.
    I have a high light tank with pressurized Co2. Its fully planted. Im growing Rotala Macrandra and recently planted some baby Rotala wallichii. The macrandra is a nice pink colour but im trying to get it redder. Thinking about adding a finnex 24/7 to add to my dual T5HO. But im wondering if you can give me dosing recommedations for my tank based on my current specs?

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    Thank you for your post. It is not easy suggest a very accurate dosage recommendation because in an aquarium live different species of plants and each of these have differente exigent.
    Please, can you show a picture of your tank, and the water values like pH, GH, KH, NO3, PO4, Fe?


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      Ph is 6.4. Gh is 5 and KH is 3 PO4 is 1ppm and my liquid nitrate test kit doesnt work so it always shows zero. I dont have an iron test kit. When I had a few test strips a week ago Nitrates were I think less than 20ppm. The strips only test a minimum of 20ppm, but it wasnt exactly the colour of zero ppm either.


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        Ahh that picture comes out fuzzy when posted. Plant species are pogostemon erectus, hydrocotyle tripartita, rotala macrandra, rotala wallichi, ludwigia glandulosa, nymphoides tiawan, tennelus green, anubia petite and a monte carlo carpet.


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          I'm sorry for the late, thank you for adding more info. Yes, unfortunately the pictures are very small, but don't worry.
          I suggest to rise a little bit the GH, from 5 to 8 with Aquavitro Mineralize, and the KH fro 3 to 4 with Aquavitro Carbonate. This helps to rise a little bit the pH and reducing the CO2 concentration, because now, comparing the pH value and KH, looks very high.
          About the rest of supplements, unfortunately the picture it's too small to look if the plants have some specific deficiencies, anyway, usually the species that you described me needs a very good integration, for example the montecarlo need a very high concentration of phosphorus and, all of them, are very sensible to low Iron concentration. A typical Iron deficiency is visible when the new leaf in red plants, doesn't became red or, in all plants the leaf turn color to yellow.
          So, answering to you question, my suggest is start to dose aquavitro line, following the schedule that you can download here ([url][/url]). Be sure to maintain a good level of nitrate and phosphate. Using Activate and Synthesis with the same dosage is very easy maintain the specific ratio 1:10 (P:N) indispensable to guarantee the efficient absorption of all nutrients.

          I hope this helps,
          I'm available for any more questions,