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  • Dosing without Excel

    I want to dose for my plants according to the suggested dosing chart. However, I have a high-light/CO2 injected 55 gal. aquarium. I assume with the CO2, that I will not need Excel, correct? Also, does not using Excel change any of the other dosing amounts? Are these dosing amounts sufficient for very-brighlty lit & CO2 injected systems? If not, who should the amounts be modified? Thanks.

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    Re: Dosing without Excel

    Many people use Flourish Excel along with their CO2 system; it really is your choice and depends upon the needs of your tank. Not using Excel will not change any of the other dosing amounts. The Plant Dosing Chart is a great starting point for people using the Flourish line of products. However, it may need to be adjusted/tweaked to meet the requirements of your plants and tank. We recommend following that chart, observing/testing your tank for a few weeks, and then adjusting your dosing accordingly. It should work great for you :-)