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Dosing pump and Iodide

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  • Dosing pump and Iodide

    Hallo, I'm trying to dose the Iodide with TMC Easi-Dose pump, the problem is a formation of air bubbles in the tube. I've checked all the line but there isn't any type of leak. Are air bubbles or gas that is inside the Iodide solution?

    Have you never tryed to dose iodide with dosing pump?

    Thanks and best regards

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    Thanks for the post! The Reef Iodide should not cause any air bubbles in the tubing. We have had both our Reef Iodide and aquavitro vibrance on dosing pumps here at the office and did run into that issue.

    I hope this helps!


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      Ok so is a dosing pump problem. Thank you very much.


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        You are most welcome!


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          Hello, I've made some tests, I've changed all the dosing pump tubes but there was always bubbles inside the Iodide tube. So I've took a syringe without needle filled with iodide and I've attached one of the dosing tubes and filled it leaving some iodide in the syringe. After few hours the tube was full of bubble. So I've try to shake the iodide bottle and is the same result when you shake a water with gas. So my conclusion is that inside the iodide solution there is some type of gas that evaporate in the dosing tube and create the bubbles.


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            We will be happy to look into this here if you will kindly provide the lot number off of your bottle of iodide. We will look forward to your reply!


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              But I've the same problem with the Strontium, If I shake the bottle it fizzes.
              So I didn't try to dose it with the dosing pump. In this case I've the bottle and the number is 74805.

              Thanks alot for the patience ;)


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                Did you ever notice an odor with the bubbles?