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  • Metroplex

    4 month old 120 reef tank with patchy stringy dino on substrate. 3 days ago decided to dose metroplex to get ahead of it. Morning after second dose tank was extremely cloudy. That evening a large old colony of green slimer from previous tank developed RTN. This morning it has progressed quite rapidly....... this is a very stable tank in every way otherwise. I'm perplexed and very saddened. Only other colony that seems affected is an large old colony of stylophora. Normally the polyps are very well extended but are now fully retracted.

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    Thank you for your post. As MetroPlex is not sold, marketed or listed as a Reef Safe medication we do not recommend ever adding this directly to the tank. If you tank is cloudy and corals are stressed, I recommend that you add carbon to your filter to remove any toxins released by the corals and to add Stability or seed to replenish impacted beneficial bacteria in the tank.

    For dinoflagellates, diatoms, cyano, etc. I would recommend the following combination:

    PhosGuard (if phosphates or silicates are high)
    Purigen (to remove excess organic waste)
    Pristine or remediation (to remove solid waste and reduce organic substances in the substrate)

    I hope this helps. Have a nice day!