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First time using Cupramine - help

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  • First time using Cupramine - help

    Hey all!

    I am pretty new to the saltwater game and with that said I did not 'QT' my fish before putting in my display and I found out one of my flame angels had ich infesting the entire tank. I have removed all of the fish from my 125G 'DT' except coral and inverts and letting the tank go fallow for 76 days. I am fortunate to have met a friend here where I live who runs an aquarium society (Jaime Adams) and he has been helping me. My flame angel did not eat for about 5 days now.

    So after moving the fish all over to the 'QT' 20G (doing 30% water changes daily) yesterday afternoon we dropped 15 drops of cupramine into the 20G. There are 4 clowns, 4 green/blue chromis, 1 coral beauty, 1 flame angel, azure damsel and scooter blenney in there. All the fish seemed fine when I went to bed last night.

    This morning our flame was spinning in circles on the bottom of the tank on his head. I tried a saltwater dip for 30 sec (put him in fresh water w/ a blow tube) and put him back in, and it did not seem to help. I then moved him into a breeder box and put him on the side of the tank (the tank is split in two by egg crate to separate the coral and flame in such close quarters) that has the aquaclear filter (w/ no media in it) to provide him more aeration. He is still in there spinning in circles, but a little slower and his gills are going really fast and his eyes are starting to look glazed over. I am thinking I am going to lose him by morning - but i am hoping not.

    Is there any hope or suggestions? Someone told me to start adding 5 drops (one at night, and one in the evening) and test each day. Should I even add 5 drops with him in this condition? Please help :)

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    The flame is laying on its side today barely breathing. I am setting up another plastic bin with an air tube and heater, preparing to get him the hell out of the copper. He is not doing well. Hopefully he can bounce back and get healthy.. try a different treatment, or less cupramine next time. Nobody replied. :(


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      Thanks for the post and we are very sorry for the delay. I hope your fish is ok.

      Flame Angels are one of the few species of fish that are very sensitive to copper treatments. When treating these fish we always recommend to start with a very small dose to see how they tolerate the treatment and then move up slowly from there. Were you able to test the copper concentration after the 10 drops?