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Seachem Reef Packs: Fundamentals vs. Enhancer

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  • Seachem Reef Packs: Fundamentals vs. Enhancer

    I recently purchased the Reef Pack Fundamentals (Reef Complete, Carbonate, and Plus) and Reef Pack Enhancer (Calcium, Strontium, and Iodide).
    I started dosing all of the supplements. I realized that there is some overlap between these products and that there may possibly be some negative effects to my reef tank if I use all of the supplements.
    I noticed that there was some precipitation of calcium in the form of cloudiness in the water and a film with fine white particles floating on the surface of the water when I used the Reef Complete, Reef Carbonate, and Reef Calcium. This suggests that there is way too much calcium.
    To prevent any further over-lap of these Seachem products, should I just stick to dosing the supplements contained in the Reef Pack Fundamentals? In which situations would I resort to using the Reef Pack Enhancer supplements?

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    Thanks for the post atariwarrior. The Reef Pack Fundamentals like the name itself, is an excellent basic starter pack for reef your reef aquarium. Reef Complete adds depleted calcium in an ionic form; it is best used to replenish calcium depleted due to the usage by corals. Reef Carbonate is used to raise alkalinity and pH. The result is a stabilization of pH around 8.3-8.4. Reef Calcium supplies a bioavailable polygluconate calcium that is more easily taken up by corals because of the organic chain, it also saves corals a lot more energy comparing to using ionic calcium. Reef Complete and Reef Calcium can be used in conjunction with each other, but I would recommend using them on alternating days. Keep in mind, that Reef Complete is for increasing Calcium level, while the Reef Calcium is for maintaining calcium level and for peak coral growth. Reef Carbonate should be dosed on alternate days or 30 minutes apart from any calcium supplements. Calcium has a positive while carbonate has a negative charge, therefore when they come together, they create an insoluble calcium carbonate (chalk).

    The Reef Pack Enhancer is for the more advanced users with dense population of corals. Reef Iodide is an supplement for a aquarium with dense population of invertebrates or soft corals. It is also useful in tanks with aggressive skimmers. Reef Strontium is a concentrated (10,000 mg/L) gluconate strontium supplement.

    I hope this helps to send you on your way to keeping a fantastic reef aquarium!


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      This is very helpful information. I will now revise my dosing schedule. I was dosing Reef Complete (containing ionic Calcium) and Reef Carbonate at the same time. I should have paid more attention to my chemistry classes! LOL! I will make sure they are dosed on alternating days.

      I stopped using the supplements from the Reef Pack Enhancer for the time being since I only have a few small coral frags at the moment. I have a skimmer but I plan to do more frequent water changes instead. Would the use of the skimmer in my 20 gallon tank/20 gallon sump have a negative impact on the Reef Plus supplements that I have been adding?

      Thanks for your advice! :)


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        You're welcome, glad we could help! The use of skimmer will not have a negative impact on the Reef Plus supplements.