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Cupramine And hypo

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  • Cupramine And hypo

    I continue to battle ich. Can use hypo 1.014 and Cupramine I have a flame angel morish idol Austrian tusk and empire angel. I know the the flame can be trouble but what if I ran it at a lower level and if so what would be the target area. I have read it's not good to do both. I thought I'd check with you. Thanks

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    Thanks for the post larrynews, and sorry to hear about your struggle with Ich! You can run Cupramine in a hypo-salinity environment, I would just recommend dropping the target concentration of the Cupramine to around .3 or .4. With less salt (less ions) in the water, the Cupramine can function more effectively at a lower concentration. It is still effective all the way down to a .25 concentration in systems with less ions. In a hypo-salinity environment, and with sensitive fish, you may want to start the treatment at a lower concentration and then slowly build to around .35 if your fish show no signs of stress.

    I hope this helps!