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Treating Angels at Half Levels

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  • Treating Angels at Half Levels

    I need some help. So I have the following fish in a quarantine tank being filtered with a HOB and some marine pure ceramic media. The tank is very stable and today I did a 95% water change.

    Salinity is at 1.025 and PH is 8.0. Ammonia/Ate/Ite is undetectable.

    The tank is bare bottom and the fish have been in there for a few days and are all eating.

    3 Walindi Wrasses
    2 Red Firefish Goby
    1 Blonde Naso Tang
    1 Foxface LO
    6 Line Wrasse

    Naturally I cannot go the full monty with the angel in the tank.... What I want to know is that since I have a standard 30 gallon tank how many drops should I use to get to the therapeutic dose?

    If I followed the directions for the cupramine bottle and dosed accordingly it would mean that

    I need to drop in 58 drops Tonight
    and in 2 days drop in 58 Additional Drops.

    If I want to get into therapeutic levels since the infestation is very light right now.... Could I do..

    15 Drops tonight
    15 Drops tomorrow night

    Wait 24 hours

    15 drops The First night
    15 Drops The next night.

    This would bring me to roughly HALF the dose that the bottle recommends but still be in the safe zone for the angel. Is this appropriate?

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    Thanks for the post asonitez! Yep, you can certainly do that. You may have to carry the treatment period to 21-28 days, since it is half the recommended concentration for saltwater. I hope this helps!