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How long does Kanaplex stay in the water column?

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  • How long does Kanaplex stay in the water column?

    Hi Seachem! I have a new coral beauty that has a slightly swollen eye with a light film over it. I'm fairly certain it is from a wound from being caught at the store and I plan to treat it with Kanaplex. How long should it take for its eye to heal up? How long do I need to wait to make sure the medication is gone from the water column before I can dose other medications? Do I need to run carbon to remove it at the end of treatment?

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    Thanks for the post Jbobaloo! One KanaPlex treatment period lasts a week. So if you're dosing the medication into the water column, then you should see improvement with a week. The dosing time is every 48 hours, as Kanaplex is no longer active in the water after 48 hours. You can run carbon to remove it at the end.


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      Ok thanks for the response. So I need to dose Kanaplex every 48 hours to treat the pop eye/bacterial infection of the one eye, for 7 days, then run carbon for 24 hours. Then it's safe begin a different medication (in this case, Chloroquine phosphate)?


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        That is correct. KanaPlex should be dosed to the water column every other day for up to three doses (a total of 5 days). Once you have completed the last dose, I would wait 48 hours before you start another medication. If you are noticing that the eye is getting better but not completely healed, you can do one more round of KanaPlex immediately after the first round, but then take a break from it at that point.

        I hope this helps!