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Re: New 10 Gallon and Stability

Thank you for your questions regarding Stability! It is true that when adding Stability, you can add your fish immediately. Please keep this in mind, however:

Stability prevents new tank syndrome by rapidly establishing the biofilter, or by expediting the nitrogen cycle. It will not, however, prevent the tank from experiencing an ammonia spike or a nitrite spike, as these are natural steps involved in the nitrogen cycle. With that said, if you are going to add your fish before the tank has fully cycled, then it will be very important to add Prime every 48 hours in order to detoxify ammonia and nitrites as they form.

Therefore, you can set up the tank today, tomorrow, or Saturday as long as you dose Stability daily for at least 7 days and Prime every 48 hours. Doing so will keep your little fish safe from the inevitable accumulation of wastes.

You can read about Prime here:

Best of luck to you and have a nice evening!
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