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Old 11-19-2012, 17:55
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Paraguard question

On another forum, Seachem said:
Paraguard has shown to be effective in treating oodinium and would be a good choice for a planted aquarium. While some plants may be more sensitive to it than others, most plants tolerate Paraguard well and should not show any negative reactions. You should be able to continue your fertilization but will want to discontinue the use of any reducing agents. Dechlorinators and ammonia removers are the most common reducing agents used in aquariums and it would be best not to use these while medicating. Paraguard is a great medication for general use and is effective against a wide range of parasites, bacteria and fungal infections. This makes it a good choice when you have difficulty diagnosing your fish.

I use Neutral Regulator with Discus Buffer. What am I supposed to use to condition my water so that I can use Paraguard?
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