Alkaline Buffer

  • Adjusts pH to 7.2—8.5
  • Increases alkalinity
  • Contains no phosphate


Alkaline Buffer™ is a non–phosphate buffer to raise pH and alkalinity (KH) and buffer with Acid Buffer™. These buffers are designed for the planted aquarium or for very hard water where phosphate buffers may pose an algae or cloudiness problem. Alkaline Buffer™ raises pH and buffers between 7.2 and 8.5. It is gentle, safe, and enhances the freshwater environment.


To increase pH, use 1 teaspoon (6 g) for every 80 L (20 gallons) daily until desired pH is reached (this dose raises alkalinity by about 1 meq/L (2.8 dKH)). For precise dosing, use the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale.

In order to adjust pH gradually, use Alkaline Buffer™ with Acid Buffer™. When using Alkaline Buffer™ & Acid Buffer™ together to target a specific pH, utilize the suggested ratio chart.

This chart is based on use in RO or RO/DI water and ratios may need to be adjusted for use in tap water.

HINT: First determine the amount of Alkaline Buffer™ needed for the volume of water. This should be determined based upon your desired alkalinity (KH). Then, divide by the number in the middle column to obtain the correct amount of Acid Buffer™ required.

Acid Buffer Alkaline Buffer pH
1 1.3 6.5
1 2.0 7.0
1 2.5 7.5
1 4.0 8.0


70 g, 300 g, 600 g, 1.2 kg, 4 kg

To reach your desired level use:

tspn(s) or grams

For precise dosing, use the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale

Considerations: 2 meq/L is equal to 5.6 dKH. If your test kit measures in dKH, divide your test kit reading by 2.8 to determine your current KH levels in meq/L. Do the same for desired KH.

A: Neutral Regulator® and Discus Buffer® are phosphate based buffers providing a very strong and stable buffering system. Alkaline Buffer™ and Acid Buffer™ are non-phosphate buffers, which although less stable than a phosphate buffer, are ideal for the planted aquarium where high phosphate levels would lead to an algae problem.

A: Yes, it is a sodium bicarbonate based buffer

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0234 Alkaline Buffer 70 g
0236 Alkaline Buffer 300 g
0233 Alkaline Buffer 600 g
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