Pond Salt

  • Enhances vitality of koi and goldfish
  • Will not adversely impact on pond plants
  • Useful to temporarily reduce nitrite toxicity

Pond Salt™ is a chemically sound blend of salts designed to replicate the native ionic environment of goldfish and koi without adversely impacting on pond plants when used at the recommended dosage. It can also be useful to temporarily reduce nitrite toxicity in an emergency situation. It does not impact pH. For pH control, use Pond Acid Buffer™ or Pond pH Buffer™.

Pond Salt™ is more than just a simple sodium chloride product. Other salts can burn leaves and roots in a planted pond. However, Pond Salt™ does not cause this type of damage, and actually provides many nutrients crucial to healthy plant growth. Pond Salt™ is a safe and effective alternative to the sodium chloride based pond salts so prevalent.

Sizes: 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg, 20 kg

When setting up a pond and when making water changes: 100 g (5 tablespoons) for each 200 L (50 US gallons). This amount will yield 0.5 ppt. Once every 6 months: 250 g (12.5 tablespoons) for each 200 L (50 US gallons). For emergency relief of nitrite toxicity: 1 kg (3 US cups) for each 200 L (50 US gallons). Once nitrite toxicity has subsided a water change should be initiated to reduce salinity. (Please note: nitrite levels do not fall, only the toxicity to the fish). The presence of high levels of nitrite indicates a problem with the biofilter. Use Pond Stability® to restore and maintain the pond biofilter. NOTE: To add salt to an established pond, do so gradually. Add in an area unlikely to attract fish attention (to avoid ingestion). If this cannot be avoided then it is best to dissolve the salt in freshwater before use. Do not use salt when replacing evaporated water. If following the 6 month regimen you must perform regular water changes to avoid salt build up. This product is not recommended for new ponds or water changes if source water already has a salinity above 1.0 ppt.

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Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Keep Away From Children! For decorative pond use only! Do not use in natural bodies of water!

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