Reef Plus

  • Contains broad spectrum of vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and fatty acids vital to fish and coral health
  • Most complete blend of necessary compounds available
  • Add directly to the aquarium

Reef Plus™ is a full spectrum reef supplement containing trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids demonstrated to have a positive impact on the growth of corals and other desirable reef creatures. Reef Plus™ is formulated to provide nutrients available from natural tropical reef waters. Contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, thiamine, inositol, choline, iodide, and other essential constituents. Reef Plus™ is nitrate/phosphate free.

Other manufacturers’ vitamin supplements are incomplete, containing only vitamins and trace minerals. Reef Plus™ contains necessary amino acids in addition to a full complement of trace minerals and high amounts of vitamin C and B complex vitamins. It is so concentrated that it can be effectively used as a food soak for frozen fish foods.

Replenishment of a number of trace elements is required to maintain an environment ideal for the growth and reproduction of marine life, but while the importance of trace elements has been recognized by aquarists for many years, the physiological reasons are not fully understood. The chemical elements in seawater are varied, and, likewise their addition to the aquarium in trace quantities has varied effects on a variety of saltwater plant and invertebrate species. In general, though, these elements are important for metabolic processes and pigment formation. Addition of iron, for instance, has been shown to benefit coloring and growth for corals, anemones, and other photosynthetic animals.

Sizes: 250 mL, 500 mL, 4 L

Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 80 L (20 US gallons) twice a week or as required to maintain coral growth. May also be used in food by mixing 1 mL in about 15 mL (1 tablespoon) of food. Refrigerate after opening.

A:In the refrigerator, Reef Plus™ should be fine for about 6-12 months after opening.

A: Yes, you should turn the ozone off, it will destroy the product fairly quickly. The organics that are in Reef Plus™ are beneficial (such as vitamin C, B12 etc), however most of these beneficial organics are reducing agents (by their very nature) and as such result in the redox level dropping in your system. So while redox is generally a good indicator of water "cleanliness" it can also often be misleading because beneficial organics can also cause a redox drop. Any reducing agent is going to be destroyed in the presence of a strong oxidizer (such as ozone) thus that is why you should turn off ozone while dosing with Reef Plus™. Also, in general we don't recommend using ozone on a regular basis because it typically can do more harm than good. This is mainly because it is does too good a job at cleaning up the water, it destroys every beneficial vitamin and amino acid in the water as well as all of the waste you want destroyed. Thus you end up with a nearly sterile tank in which not much is going to thrive without the addition of products like Reef Plus™... but if you keep using the ozone, it's just going to destroy the components of Reef Plus™ as well. Another problem that can occur is that ozone can also produce toxic compounds in the water. For example, chloride can be oxidized to chlorine, bromide to bromine, iodide to iodine; all of the non-charged "ine" halogens are highly toxic. All of this is dependent on what "level" you run the ozone at, but in general ozone does not discriminate between "good" and "bad" organics and at any level has the capacity to convert harmless halogen ions into deadly diatomic halogens.

A: If the organics in the Reef Plus™ were not utilized at all, yes most of the would eventually be removed by the skimmer. However part of our dosing schedule (twice a week) is based on the utilization of the components of the product as well as loss through skimming. So some is lost through skimming but much of it is also utilized. Also, only those components that are hydrophobic are the ones susceptible to removal by a skimmer; many of the Reef Plus™ components are hydrophilic and thus remain well solubilized in the water and are not removed through skimming.

A: Reef Plus™ does contain Iodide, a more useable and soluble species of iodine. In a lightly socked reef aquaria, the recommended dose of Reef Plus™ could suffice. Most hobbyists tend to have a substantial amount of calcareous organisms, algae, etc. that would all utilize iodide. That is why we manufacture Reef Iodide. Our Reef Iodide is concentrated and stabilized. It is less likely to convert to iodine or iodate than others on the market making it safer to use.

A: Reef Plus™ does have organics in it. However, the organics of Reef Plus™ do not directly support the growth of algae.

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Minerals (min. values)
Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) 5.0 mg
Thiamin (B1) 0.02 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 0.02 mg
Niacin (B3) 0.25 mg
Pantothenate (B5) 0.07 mg
Vitamin B12 0.9 µg
Choline (B4) 0.004 mg
Inositol 0.011 mg
Arginine 0.16 mg
Glutamate 0.9 mg
Lysine 0.3 mg
Tyrosine 0.19 mg
Vitamins & Lipotropic Factors (min values)
Boron 0.096 mg
Iodine 0.18 mg
Iron 0.009 mg
Copper 0.001 mg
Zinc 0.005 mg
Manganese 0.062 mg
Bromide 0.3 mg
Cobalt 0.004 mg
Molybdenum 0.16 mg
Vanadium 0.0003 mg
Nickel 0.00035 mg
Tin 0.001 mg
Rubidium 0.001 mg

Ingredients: ascorbic acid, glutamate, niacin, arginine, lysine, tyrosine, pantothenate, riboflavin, thiamin, choline, inositol, Vitamin B12, potassium bromide, potassium iodide, boric acid, manganese sulfate, sodium molybdate, ferric chloride, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, cobalt sulfate, rubidium chloride, vanadium sulfate, nickel chloride, stannous chloride

0535 Reef Plus 100 mL
0536 Reef Plus 250 mL
0533 Reef Plus 500 mL
0538 Reef Plus 2 L