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  • Oxygenating water

    Ive heard recently that during a power outage you can add hydrogen peroxide to the tank to oxygenate the water..... sounded like bs to me but knew right away who i was going to is there any truth to this if so how much per gallon of water??

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    Thanks for the pose, Freightliner fever!

    While Hydrogen Peroxide can break down into H2O and O2 in an aquarium setting, which is good and will add oxygen to your system, it is also important to keep in mind that it is a powerful Oxidizer. Hydrogen Peroxide must be used very carefully because it has to potential to oxidize any organic in the tank. This means it can oxidize things like ammonia into excess nitrite and nitrate into your system. A power outage may be a situation where ammonia starts to build up, and if you add Hydrogen Peroxide to your tank in those conditions it could end up making the environment more toxic for your fish. That being said, some people have had great success using Hydrogen Peroxide to oxidize the water in fish bags, where ammonia can also be a problem. Basically, using small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide can be beneficial, but in some cases it can cause a nitrite and nitrate spike, and also over oxidize the fish. I would say if you're going to try this definitely start out by adding a very small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide!

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks for response but its been suggested that i add live plants to the tank (dont have any right now) anubias, i hope i spelt that correctly, apparently these plants are good with cichlids and the plants will add oxygen to the water. Also since you are the experts with adding these plants the supplier is saying for the plants i will only need to add seachem flourish is this correct or whats your opinion


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        [COLOR=#454545][FONT=Helvetica Neue][SIZE=12px]Thanks for your post Freightliner fever! [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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        [COLOR=#454545][FONT=Helvetica Neue][SIZE=12px]Plants definitely do add oxygen to the system, and if you're planning on having cichlids, anubias is a good option. It's a hardy plant that shouldn't be too difficult to care for so it's a great place to start as well! You can start by just adding Flourish, as it is a very good comprehensive plant supplement, but I always suggest adding Flourish Excel as well, so the plant has an extra source of carbon. You can dose the other macro and micro nutrients as you see that your plants may have certain nutrient deficiencies. [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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        [COLOR=#454545][FONT=Helvetica Neue][SIZE=12px]I hope this helps![/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]