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  • Seachem Cichlid lake salt

    So I've been using Seachem product for a while and they make great products. I've used Prime, Matrix, Cichlid Trace, Garlic Guard, Paraguad, Kana, MetroPlex, Focus and Buffer. I've recently switch to using Cichlid lake salt instead of API salt and I'm having a problem. The stuff will not dissolve in my bucket of water. I first tried mixing in a bucket of hot water. I mixed then let it soak and mixed again for about a half hour. I still see tiny flakes of white in the water. I put it in the tank and it looked like it was snowing. This time I read that buffer would help, so I added Neutral buffer. I mixed it all in a bucket of hot water and got the same results. I still dumped it in the tank and notice that it was stressing my fish out for a bit. Nobody died and all is well but I'm wondering is anybody else having these problems? Am I doing something wrong? I didn't even use the full dosage for my sized tank. I half'd it as this is a brand new 120 gallon tank and wanted the Cichlids to get used to the salt slowly.

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    Thanks for the post!

    We are sorry that you are having trouble dissolving the Cichlid Lake Salt. This salt typically dissolves pretty readily in water, so I'm unsure as to why it is not working for you. The undissolved pieces that went into the tank will slowly dissolve with time and should not cause any harm to the fish. Just out of curiosity, what type of cichlids are you keeping? Have you checked the GH of your tank to see if you have reached your desired levels? Also, what is the pH?

    We look forward to your reply!


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      I have mostly Mbuna Cichlids, about 17, 6 Haps, 4 Clown Loaches and 2 Eclipse Catfish. The water GH out of the tap is about 8, so it's hard which the Mbuna love. The PH runs in the 7.7 range and is pretty constant as I have fine crushed coral that maintains the PH. I have never had to adjust either one as those values and have never really varied much. When I add the Seachem Cichlid lake salt I also add just a little of your neutral regulator so PH doesn't go to high. Test the water today for you, water is hard at 8 and the PH is exactly 7.8. No Ammonia, no nitrites and the nitrates are at 20ppm's. So over all the tests put my tank water in almost optimum range for Cichlids. In fact the tank is so mellow that I don't even know who the tank boss is anymore.


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        Thanks for the picture! You have a very nice tank! :)

        I believe we are also assisting you via our Support Email system, so if you have any further questions, please let us know!