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What products can be used with Metroplex?

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  • What products can be used with Metroplex?

    Quick Background: I've had a terrible time with what was supposed to be a simple tank. Our phosphates are sky high as are our nitrates. Ammonia and nitrite are zero. So, we had been using Neutral Regulator to de-chlorinate. Unfortunately, we got a ton of black algae after a few months. so, we used Phosguard, but we had to do many water changes to attempt to bring levels down(still high). That made nitrates go up as our tap water is full of nitrates. So, we were having to do 1-2 gallons changes twice a week to make sure our pH doesn't skyrocket as our tap pH is also high(neutral regulator had brought the tank pH to 7.4). It was working then, one minnow died after 3 weeks of bizarre behavior including listing towards her tail. No spots or disease obvious. Then last week a Cory died 10 minutes after a tiny water change of 2 gal. pH had no significant rise. Temp was same. We used Prime instead. Cory seemed to go insane, was log-rolling and upside down (we think he may have been injured by the goldfish). Now, a second minnow is listing towards it's tail, cannot stay level. Then, ich showed up on her.

    We bought Metroplex. We cannot feed it to our fish. She is only an inch long and on flakes. She also isn't eating so I cannot imagine she'd eat gross tasting food. Plus, I wouldn't know what to feed her(plus 1 cory, 1 minnow and 1 goldfish). Her tail has spots and there are a couple on her body.

    So, we are dosing the water. We found the directions confusing. On the outside of the box it states 1-2 scoops every 2 days(we assume this means every other day) per 10gallons. On the inside it states 1 scoop per ten gallons. we dosed once Friday and once today with a total of 2 scoops both times for our 20gal aquarium. No change yet, but no advancement.

    So, what can we use with Metroplex? Obviously, we took out our charcoal filter, although with high nitrates, that is scary. We had bought Purigen to help lower nitrates, but we assume that cannot be used with meds. We also removed the Phosguard. we also quit using Flourish excel(plants covered in algae and dying due to phosphates). So, we now have high nitrates, super high phosphates and sick fish in an unfiltered tank. The ich fish is hanging out under the outflow.

    So, can we use Stressguard with Metroplex to maybe help the fish or prevent healthy ones from getting sick?
    Can Prime be added to help control Nitrates?(again nitrites are 0 and directions only state it can be used to detoxify those)
    Can we vacuum the gravel and do a small water change once a week still as our tank is going to be filthy?
    Can we use Excel with the meds?

    We considered Paraguard, but we have snails.

    Please answer--we're desperate and getting mixed answers from stores and other forums.

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    Please answer, fish are dying. At least tell me whether I can use Stressguard and metroplex together.


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      Thanks for the post and we are sorry to hear about your fish!

      Yes, StressGuard can be used alongside any of our medications EXCEPT Cupramine, which is a copper based treatment. Neutral Regulator is a phosphate based buffer and if used often will increase phosphates to an undesirable level, causing algae issues. For dechlorination and detoxification of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates, we recommend using Prime instead. Prime can be added every 24-48 hours to detoxify ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. It will NOT remove these compounds, but keep them in a form that is not harmful to your fish. Water changes, beneficial bacteria, and a good biological media is what remove them from the system. You can use the Neutral Regulator for buffering the pH to 7.0, but you only need to use it at water changes and maybe once between water changes to maintain the pH. With all you have going on at the moment, I would recommend leaving the PhosGuard in the filter while medicating so that you can try to get a handle on the phosphates. If they are sky high, than you will need to replace it often or use a higher capacity phosphate remover such as PhosBond or PhosNet. You can do small weekly water changes with a gravel vacuum but keep in mind that every time you do this, you are disturbing/removing some of the beneficial bacteria from the tank, so you need to replenish that by adding a bacterial supplement such as Stability. Flourish Excel can be used with medications, but if using ParaGuard we recommend holding off on Flourish Excel. If you do not notice the fish improving after a week or so, you may have to move to a different treatment method.

      I hope this helps! Good luck!


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        Unfortunately, it has been three doses and the fish is not improving. I don't know if I'm not using enough Metroplex. The outside states 1-2 scoops per 10 gallons,. the inside info states 1 scoop only. She still has spots on her tail and one on either side of her. She still fights to stay level, constantly drifting back to her tail. We bought it because we have snails and I didn't want them to die a painful death.

        I cannot use any neutral regulator--it's all phosphate. it caused our high Phosphate problem, apparently the people at the fish store don't realize that it contains phosphate. Our tap water's natural pH is 8.8- 9. Local fish people state this is fine for goldfish and minnows that we have. Our nitrates used to be low, but constant water changes to remove the phosphate made them high. Changing the water makes our nitrates very high as it comes out of the tap that way. About 80 according to API. The water company here states they should be 10. I ran an independent strip test and got that, so I don't know which is right. API strip tests also conclude high. All other tests have been the same as the water companies tests. Neutral regulator never brought our pH to 7, only about 7.5. Which again, I'm being told I do not need that.


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          Unfortunately, if your tap water is the culprit of your problems of high nitrates, it will be a constant battle going forward unless you are able to switch to using a different water source such as RO water. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you are going to battle with high nitrates. You can also use a different buffer for adjusting your pH that does not contain phosphates such as our Acid and Alkaline Buffers that are carbonate based. When dosing MetroPlex straight to the water column it is 1-2 scoops per 10 gallons. When feeding it in a medicate food mix, you typically will use 1 scoop of MetroPlex and 1 scoop of Focus in the recipe. However, if you are not seeing any improvement at all with the white spots and you are certain it is a parasite, you can move to a more aggressive treatment such as Cupramine. This is a copper based medication and you will need to remove all invertebrates from the system, as they do not tolerate copper. You could also try our ParaGuard first before Cupramine to see if that helps. We also recommend removing inverts while using ParaGuard as well.

          I hope this helps!