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Prime Overdose -vs- Oxygen

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  • Prime Overdose -vs- Oxygen

    Seachem Rep,

    I’ve been a long time user of Prime and feel I have a good understanding of how to best practically use this product, but some rather detailed questions have recently come up in a forum and I would like to get a more scientific response…

    It has been suggested that overdosing Prime may cause a depletion in oxygen levels…

    Is this possible at the 5 times dosage recommended for emergency uses?

    In dosages in excess to this is this possible? If so could you give us a ball park range of what dosages may create this risk?

    *This topic was discussed in a public forum at the following link In several places information was provided that was claimed to be a quote from a Seachem Rep and at times these quotes were conflicting. Please see Post # 53 for an overview of the debate.

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    Re: Prime Overdose -vs- Oxygen

    Thank you very much for pointing this out to us; we hope to help clear up this issue and would truly appreciate you passing the information along once receiving it. All water conditioners are reducing agents; reducing agents will "reduce" whatever is available within the aquarium. For example, it reduces chlorine(Cl2) to two separate chloride molecules. Though the potential to reduce oxygen is there with any reducing agent, this is very, very rare. Prime can be safely overdosed up to five times the recommended amount in an emergency situation. Doing so is very safe, and it would take a massive overdose to have any effect on the oxygen levels in the tank. Because Prime only works for 24-48 hours, its effects do not build up over time. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.