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Prime Building Up Over Time?

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  • Prime Building Up Over Time?

    Seachem Rep,

    I’ve been a long time user of Prime and feel I have a good understanding of how to best practically use this product, but some rather detailed questions have recently come up in a forum and I would like to get a more scientific response…

    If an overdose of Prime is used (for example double dose), but a single dose was enough to neutralize chlorine/clamoring/ammonia/nitrite… does the “extra” Prime build up in the water… or does it somehow “disappear”… if it disappears please explain how or where it goes and in what time frames.

    This concern was brought up as some users overdose regularly and have had some concern that over time excessive concentrations may build up.

    *This topic was discussed in a public forum at the following link In several places information was provided that was claimed to be a quote from a Seachem Rep and at times these quotes were conflicting. Please see Post # XX for an overview of the debate.

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    Re: Prime Building Up Over Time?

    No, Prime only builds up for every instructed dose added (e.g. a 2x dose for the entire aquarium would mean you can replace all the aquarium water with chloramine-treated water, but you would have to dose after adding the water or replace 50% of the water only.). I said "2x", because if you had already dosed once, then you would have to does again. To make things simple you can still do the 1x recommended dose.

    It lasts only 24 hours per instructed dose (i.e you dose to the proper liter/gallon of water).

    It doesn't become toxic no matter how much you over dose, but it will deplete oxygen a bit more (that's what some people may refer to it as being toxic when they see their fish die by suffocation from extreme overdosing i.e a 20x dose).

    I beleive it oxidzes in the aqaurium water or evaporates as a type of gas during 24 hours from the/an intial dose.
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      Re: Prime Building Up Over Time?

      Thank you for your post, LabTest57!