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Soaked food with Prime by mistake !!!

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  • Soaked food with Prime by mistake !!!

    I by accident soaked the pellets in Prime for like 10 min and I fed my fish ! ( I thot itís GarlicGuard as the bottle size is exactly the same , and I was out of mind when I did that !!)

    It happened last night before I slept , and this morning the fish seemed fine

    Should I be concerned about the health of my fish ???

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    [COLOR=#555555][FONT=system-ui][SIZE=14px]Thank you for your message. I would suspect that your fish are going to be okay! By the time the fish ingested the food, most of the Prime had probably already washed off the food. Additionally, fish can be pretty picky about what they eat, so they most likely did not ingest as much of the Prime soaked food as they would normal food. The Prime will probably cause some intestinal distress, but it will most likely not poison the fish. We would, however, recommend avoiding this in the future and tanking steps over the next few days to minimize outside stressors.