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How many gallons can the 5g package of Kanaplex treat ?

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  • How many gallons can the 5g package of Kanaplex treat ?

    I will be buying some but would like to know if I need 1 or 2 times 5g ? I have some fish with buoyancy issues and wanted to treat as a precaution. Should I mix something else with Kanaplex?


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    Thanks for the post, dj_roka! The 5g vial of KanaPlex will perform 1 dose on 200 gallons, or one full round of treatment on 67 gallons.

    As a general rule of thumb, I do not recommend mixing medications unless you must treat for two separate infections that are both quite serious, and cannot be treated by one antibiotic. This helps reduce stress on the fish, and expedite the healing process.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the response! So for treating a 90 gallon tank I should be good with 2 X 5g pack. I asked about mixing Meds because I saw alot of people talk about mixing Kanaplex with Focus.



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        Hi there dj_roka! Focus is an antibacterial polymer that can be used as a binding agent to bind medications to food, so that they may be administered in a food mix. Focus can be combined with KanaPlex if you plan on feeding the medication in the food, but I would not necessarily recommend dosing them both to the water column.

        Yes, for your tank, 2 x 5g vials of KanaPlex should be enough :)

        I hope this helps!