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Using Metroplex to battle suspected Hexamita

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  • Using Metroplex to battle suspected Hexamita

    Hi....have a discus which shows all the signs of hexamita….wasting away, dark, aloof, white stringy poo etc. For several weeks now it has not eaten. Because it won't eat I started treating the water column directly with metroplex according to instructions. No change after a week. I also made up a batch of its former favourite frozen beefheart blend adding focus and garlic luck. Won't eat. I am wondering if anyone has any other suggestions.

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    Additional question Re metroplex: Since my discus continues to refuse food, and is now extremely gaunt, and starting to loose balance, should I be increasing the dose of metroplex? The container says there is little possibilities of overdosing, and yet other references suggest metroplex causes liver damage.


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      Thanks for the post, and I'm sorry to hear about your discus! If you are using the lower dose of MetroPlex (1 measure per 10 gallons), this can safely be increased to 2 measures per 10 gallons. MetroPlex is a relatively gentle medication, but we would not recommend treatment periods over about 28 days, to avoid placing stress on the internal organs of the fish.

      I hope this helps!