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Toxicity of Kanaplex

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  • Toxicity of Kanaplex


    I recently used Kanaplex to treat my entire display tank since it had a severe outbreak of very contagious and deadly bacteria, possibly F. Columnare.

    Anyway, thr treatment seems to have worked since the deaths seem to have stopped.

    I'm wondering though, what the dangers of toxicity are with the Kanamycin are with this product. I've heard it can cause kidney damage in fish if overdosed, but what about humans?

    It seems it would be absorbed through the skin in some amount if you put your hand in the water , say if you worked in the tank for 20 minutes taking out or planting plants. Would this be enough to be harmful though?

    This seems like a pretty strong antibiotic with severe side effects when humans are treated with it, so I just want to be sure its safe to work on the tank while there is still some Kanaplex dissolved in the water.

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    Re: Toxicity of Kanaplex

    Used according to directions, Kanaplex is safe to use in your aquarium, both for your fish and for you. It is hard on the kidneys of your fish if treatment is prolonged, which is why we recommend limiting the treatment to 6 doses over 12 days and taking a break of at least a week after this before continuing treatment.

    Like all of our medications, Kanaplex is formulated for use with fish in aquariums and is not intended for human consumption. Regular tank maintenance should not represent any risk you while you are treating with Kanaplex. It should not absorb easily through your skin and diluted in the tank your exposure is very low. If you have an allergy to the active ingredient or are otherwise concerned, wearing gloves while working in treated tanks can help prevent exposure.