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  • Stability question

    Am I right in saying that this product does 3 things?

    1. Supplies bacteria which converts ammonia into nitrite.

    2. Supplies bacteria which converts nitrite into nitrate.

    3. Supplies bacteria which breaks down organic waste.

    My tap water is KH 1, GH 1 and pH 6.8. Will the Stability bacteria be able to cope with these water parameters?


    Lastly, why don't you add bacteria which breaks down nitrate?

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    Re: Stability question

    You are correct, and Stability will be able to cope with your water parameters. Also, Stability does contain anaerobic bacteria that break down nitrate as well.


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      Re: Stability question

      Thanks for replying.

      That is interesting.

      You don't seem to make much play about the nitrate breaking down side of things?

      I'm about to test cycle a fishless tank seeded with Stability and Ammonia soon and I'll see if the nitrate disappears.

      (I'm currently testing all the bacteria bottles on the market.)

      I've found that adding sugar causes nitrate to disappear too.

      I guess the anaerobic bacteria eats the sugar and NO3 and releases nitrogen gas.


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        Re: Stability question

        You're very welcome :-) Here's a quote from the Stability label (and product web site): "Stability is formulated specifically for the aquarium and contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate." Keep in mind that in order to have nitrate removed from a tank, one should use some type of biological filtration media (such as our Matrix) that has the proper pore structure to house the anaerobic bacteria found in Stability that will break down nitrate.


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          Re: Stability question

          Of course. You can't get anaerobic bacteria in a bare bottomed tank! ;-)

          Though from what I've read on forums this form of tank seems to be more popular with American hobbyists.

          Have you came across the new EcoBio-Block then?

          It provides a porous volcanic rock which is filled with bacteria bacillus subtilis.

          Very similar in action to your Matrix product.

          The site is a wee bit 'snake oil' in its presentation as the product just provides extra surface area for bacteria, minerals for plants and fish and the supplied bacteria breaks down waste products.
          Nothing a person couldn't do themselves for half the price of course.

          I live near a extinct volcano, so I'm tempted to go at it with a hammer and chisel! ;-))


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            Re: Stability question

            Thanks for the info about that product :-) You may be interested in reading a study that we recently completed. If you visit the Matrix product web page and scroll down about halfway (beneath the "Directions" section), you can read more about this study that discusses the surface area of Matrix.