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Purigen in the planted tank

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  • Purigen in the planted tank

    I'm interested in the purigen, but I have a couple questions...

    1) plants use the nitrates as food, so would using purigen remove this food for the plants?
    2) does the purigen come in its own bag?
    3) I've read that the purigen keeps the nitrate levels from rising. if i have 10 nitrates would the addition of purigen decrease that number or would it somehow keep the nitrate level steady?

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    Re: Purigen in the planted tank

    Purigen works very well in a planted tank. Purigen will remove nitrogenous organic waste; it will not directly remove nitrates (therefore, it will not be removing what the plants need). Purigen does come in a pre-bagged 100mL size (the other sizes of Purigen do not come with a bag). Purigen will not directly decrease your nitrate level, but it will help to prevent it from rising.


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      Re: Purigen in the planted tank

      thank you for the response...

      two more questions:

      1) I have 2 Penguin 350B HOB filters made by Marineland. I have their regular cartridge (I have removed the carbon from the cartridge) followed by a bag of Matrix. Water then exits the filter via biowheel. ... What is the best way to organize these filters for use with Matrix and Purigen?

      2) I'm not sure how Purigen removes the nitrogenous organic waste without directly removing nitrates? I thought nitrates were nitrogenous organic waste... Does Purigen remove dissolved fish poo? Is that what it is pulling out of the water?

      3) As I am currently dosing with Flourish, should I increase freq or dose of this due to having Purigen in the system?


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        Re: Purigen in the planted tank

        No problem!

        1) We suggest filtration in the following lineup: physical, chemical, biological. I would suggest lining up your filters where the Purigen filters the water before it reaches the Matrix.

        2) Purigen removes organic waste molecules before it can be converted into nitrate, etc. And yes, this does include dissolved fish poo!

        3) Purigen will have no impact on Flourish so your dosing regiment should stay the same.

        Thanks for your posts!