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Purigen & Carbon effect on Seachem fertilising range

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  • Purigen & Carbon effect on Seachem fertilising range

    Hi folks,

    I have started up a new tank to test your whole range of Seachem planted tank products. I have:

    Flourish Advance
    Flourish (comprehensive)
    Flourish Trace
    Flourish Iron
    Flourish Nitrogen
    Flouish Phosphorus
    Flourish Potassium

    I have added driftwood and the tannins are now leaching into the water. My question is: If I put Purigen or Carbon in the filter to clear the water, will they absorb any of the Flourish product line and affect the dosing that I need to do?


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    Hi there, thanks for reaching out!

    Purigen and Carbon are organic scavenging filter medias, so therefore only the organic materials in any of these supplements would be at risk. Because the Flourish line of products are designed to be rapidly taken up and utilized by the plants in your tank, there is very little risk of those being removed from the system if you've been dosing them appropriately.

    Hope this helps!


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      Sorry, could you explain what you mean by organic materials, and what components of the flourish line contain organic materials?



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          Thanks for the post and sorry if the first post was a bit confusing. Purigen is only going to remove nitrogenous organic waste from mainly fish waste and uneaten food. Purien will not remove anything else in the tank, so you don't need to worry about it removing any of the fertilizers that you are adding for your plants. MatrixCarbon is a very unique carbon that has a very low iodine number, therefore, will have very minimal, if any, impact on the elements you are adding with the Flourish range of products. Other carbons on the market have a higher potential to remove the beneficial elements you are adding due to their pore structure.

          To answer your questions regarding the Flourish range, the Flourish Comprehensive and Flourish Trace are the main ones that contain organic and inorganic trace nutrients. These types of nutrients do not get utilized quite as quickly by plants because they are needed in such small amounts, so by dosing them too often, there is a chance they could build up in the water, potentially causing algae issues. However, if you dosed them according to the instructions (once or twice a week), you should never run into that issue.

          I hope this helps!