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Flourish Excel and Algae Problems

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  • Flourish Excel and Algae Problems

    Hi, I'm suffering from an algae problem (green and fuzz algae) and wondered if you could help with Flourish Excel dosing...

    I've spent a stupid (I mean stupid) amount of hours researching algae and I've got so much conflicting information that I'm possibly doing more harm than good at the moment

    40 UK Gallon (48 US Gallons)
    Pressurised CO2 (PH6.6 & KH3 gives 26ppm - also verified with the 24hr PH test)
    1.56WPG (5 on, 2 off, 5 on)

    15 Tetras
    Clown Loaches
    BN Plec, L260 and Clown Plec
    American Flag Fish

    Approx 120 fast growing stems

    Green fuzz algae (growing on glass)
    Green beard algae (growing on plants and structured background)

    My substrate is a combo of laterite, tetra substrate pro and floropol

    Many thanks

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    Re: Flourish Excel and Algae Problems

    I understand you wanting to find a reliable source for material to read and help find ways to control or limit algae growth. On our website under Library/Support there are some articles that will help with planted tanks. One specifically for you would be this one; It is related to ponds, but algae needs the same nutrients to grow in any system. There are also other articles that can be found under Library/Support that are very helpful.

    Flourish Excel is not marketed as an algaecide, however
    many users have reported a reduce in algae after the use
    of Flourish Excel. It is a good idea to add Flourish Excel to get extra carbon supplementation and to get the plants growing well to out compete the algae by removing the nutrients before the
    algae can consume any nutrients. No problem with using
    Flourish Excel in your tank.

    Others ways to limit algae growth are to control light,
    phosphate, silicates, nitrate, and dissolved organics.
    Make sure that extra sources of light are controlled and
    the addition of a UV light may help to kill some of the
    simpler forms of algae. Controlling phosphate, silicates,
    and nitrates can be done by either the addition of water
    free of these components during water changes and/or the
    use of chemical and biological filtration media.
    PhosGuard is a bead shaped resin that will remove phosphate and silicate.
    Anaerobic bacteria work best to remove nitrates long term. Stability is bacteria in a bottle. Stability contains the bacteria needed to consume ammonia/nitrite/nitrate. Using our De*nitrate or Matrix will help to support the correct mix of bacteria.
    De*nitrate requires a very low flow to work best. If low
    flow is an issue for you then our Matrix will work best.
    Matrix is a porous media that can support aerobic and
    anaerobic bacteria and will work in higher flow than
    The organic load can be controlled by feeding less food to fish, scaling down fertilizer dosing regimen, more partial water changes, the use of chemical filtration to help with removal of organics. Here is a link to
    Stability, Phosguard, De*nitrate, and Matrix:,