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  • Automatic Fertilization

    I am an enthusiastic Seachem products user.
    I need your opinion regarding my automatic fertilization plan.
    I want to create an automatic fertilization system for my home aquarium and have already ordered two Peristaltic Pumps for this purpose.
    The fertilizers I'm using is part self made and part Seachem's products as follows:

    Self Made:
    Potassium KCL (500g in 1250mL RO H2O).
    Phosphorus KH2PO4 (200g in 1450mL RO H2O).
    Nitrogen KNO3 (1Kg in 3L RO H2O).
    Iron & Magnesium Magnesium Sulphate (90g) + Iron gluconate (42g) + Iron EDTA (34g) + HCL (5mL) + Vitamin C (500mg) in 1L RO H2O.

    Seachem products:
    Flourish Trace
    Flourish Excel

    I'm working according to Seachem's daily dosing plan (table) for the last 6 months, and the results are wonderful!

    Now for the questions:
    I want to combine all the fertilizers to two containers and connect the two to the pumps respectively.
    As I know Iron and Phosphorus react together and are not to be mixed. Does any other ofthe above would react together?
    I thought about this combination:
    Container 1:
    Potassium + Nitrogen + Flourish Excel + Flourish Trace + Iron & Magnesium + Flourish.
    Container 2:
    Phosphorus (every other day or after few hours not to react with the Fe).

    What do you think?
    What is your recommendations?
    Is it possible to mix Excel + Trace + Flourish together and with others at all?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Automatic Fertilization

    To be quite honest, we do not normally recommend mixing these products together in the same container. The products are bottled separately because this is the safest and most effective way of using them. We do not recommend putting Flourish, Flourish Trace, and Iron in the same dosing system because they contain similar elements and there is the possibility of overdosing with Iron. This is why I say the second one is probably better. You are right about wanting to keep the phosphorus and iron in separate containers because of precipitation, but also do not want to risk overdosing Iron. Flourish Excel can go in the same container as Iron or Flourish Trace. The best way to dose these products is individually, but of course this decision is up to you.


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      Re: Automatic Fertilization

      Thank you for your reply.

      Just to be clear:
      Iron overdosing is the only problem in this case?
      No other reaction or decomposition is expected?


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        Re: Automatic Fertilization

        The ending up with a little too much iron is a the main problem essentially because you are adding two sources of iron already. The ingredients are listed and you want to avoid doubling up on components basically.