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Feeding food with MetroPlex + Focus while treating with Cupramine

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  • Feeding food with MetroPlex + Focus while treating with Cupramine

    I have two clowns in a QT and are being treated for Ick, it's day 15 and I have not seen any symptoms for 14 days. However I have been seeing white (bright white) stringy poop from about day 7. I am starting to think this could be worms and was thinking of treating with Metroplex + Focus with some pellet food however I still have Cupramine in the water at 0.4 ppm. Please advice if this is ok. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the post, Aquacrazed! While I don't typically recommend mixing medications, sometimes it is necessary to do so if you must simultaneously treat two separate infections that require two different antibiotics (a bacterial and parasitic infection for example). In your case, the MetroPlex is considered an effective treatment measure for both Hexamita, which is what usually causes white, stringy feces, and also the Ich parasite. I would recommend pulling the Cupramine out of the water before beginning treatment with the MetroPlex and Focus just to be safe, and to avoid placing stress on the fish.

    I hope this helps!